Hi, I am Haoyu (Hao-yü, not “How-you”. Otherwise you must have called me thousands of times). You can call me Harry since most of you may have difficulty pronouncing my name :)

I am a first-year Ph.D. student at UTNS (UT Austin Networked Systems group), advised by Prof. Aditya Akella and Daehyeok Kim. My current research interests are networks, architectures, operating systems and machine learning. Specifically, I am interested in designing an efficient network system to boost ML training (MLSys), as well as using ML methodology to help system design (LDOS). Our projects often work on programmable switch, smart NIC, FPGA and Linux kernel.

Previously, I spent four fantastic undergrad years in CS Turing Class, Peking University, worked closely with Prof. Tong Yang. My undergraduate research interest lies in databases (DB) and theoretical computer science (TCS). Although I foucs on theory and design, evaluation are conducted in real database systems like RocksDB and Apache Flink. This research area calls for students with strong interests, unique ideas and (maybe a little bit) mathematical foundation.

If you want to collaborate with me (see the last sentences of above two paragraphs), please feel free to contact my email lhy AT utexas DOT edu.


I like psychology and photograph. For the future five years, I want to learn foreign languages like Spanish and German, as well as pickup an instrument.

I also want to practice my cooking skill further because the food in UT is too high in calories.

Finally, I am 6.79 feet tall and I don’t play basketball.

Selected Publications

(A full list can be seen on Google Scholar)

  • ChainedFilter: Combining Membership Filters by Chain Rule.
  • Haoyu Li, Liuhui Wang, Qizhi Chen, Jianan Ji, Yuhan Wu, Yikai Zhao, Tong Yang, Aditya Akella.
    SIGMOD 2024.
  • StingySketch: a Sketch Framework for Accurate and Fast Frequency Estimation.
  • Haoyu Li, Qizhi Chen, Yixin Zhang, Tong Yang, Bin Cui.
    VLDB 2022.